Happy Bowl Pineapple

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ZippyPaws Happy Bowl Slow Feeder Pineapple

ZippyPaws create fun, colourful pet products of the highest quality. At their core, ZippyPaws always delivers the best for your dog. Each product is created by sketching every design, hand-selecting the perfect materials, and testing all finished products with a furry testing team.

The ZippyPaws Happy Bowl is the healthier way for your pet to enjoy their food. With a nifty pineapple design, this bowl has segments to separate your pets food, forcing them to eat more slowly. The base is non-slip to prevent your pet from sliding or knocking over the bowl.

  • Anti-gulp slow down bowl

  • Contains diamond-shaped segments to slow down eating

  • Non-slip base

  • Ideal for dogs or cats who inhale their food


Approximately 20 cm x 33 cm