Green Feeder

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The Green Feeder for dogs is a grass shaped feeder that turns your dog's meal into a challenging game.  Slows down dogs who have a tendency to eat their food quickly or gulp their food.

Dogs that instinctively eat as fast as they can AND have a normal open bowl often are having problems with digestion, vomiting and bloat. Doing your dog a "favour" with an easy meal is in fact ...NOT a favour!

The desired amount of dog food is scattered across GREEN, and it is up to your dog to push the food out between the many blades of grass.

GREEN by NORTHMATE is designed for all dogs regardless of weight and breed. It can contain both dry and wet food.

GREEN by NORTHMATE is made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Small:  29 x 22.5 x 7,3 cm. 

Large: 29cm (depth) x 40cm (width) x 10cm (height of tallest blade of grass, 5cm of shortest)