Mackeral & Lamb Recipe 1kg (cat)

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ZiwiPeak Mackeral and Lamb Air Dried Cat Food

ZiwiPeak Mackeral and Lamb Air Dried Cat Food starts with 95% premium New Zealand mackeral fish, lamb meat, organs, and bone. This follows the whole prey diet that carnivorous cats have eaten for centuries. This diet is suitable for cats that suffer from skin problems, poor coats, digestive upset or require strict weight control. The next 3% of the diet are New Zealand green-lipped mussels, a great natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. To complete the remaining 2% of the recipe, hand selected essential vitamins and minerals, natural kelp, parsley, chicory inulin and lecithin are introduced for a fully balanced and complete diet.

Air-dried nautrally to maintain the ingredients goodness. Free from grains, fillers, artificial flavours, dyes and preservatives. ZiwiPeak Mackeral and Lamb Air Dried Cat Food is a great natural choice for your cat.

  • 98% mackeral fish, lamb meat, organs, bone, and green lipped mussels

  • Prime ingredient New Zealand lamb and mackeral

  • All lamb is sourced locally, from free range grass-fed farms

  • Improves skin, coat, joint, and digestive health

  • All natural, grain free, limited ingredient diet

  • Naturally air-dried to maintain goodness

ZiwiPeak uses ethically sourced ingredients. Mackeral fish is naturally found in the pristine blue waters of New Zealand and is a great source of omega fatty acids. Ziwipeak uses sustainably caught fishing only.